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Amana Essentials - Herbal MedicineThe following summarizes a chart that can be downloaded that lists the herbal remedy that can be used to treat the symptomology of various conditions. The chart is broken down by the human body system (digestive, respiratory, immune, etc), ailment (colds, flu, allegry, etc), herbal remedy (angelica, fennel, lavender, etc), and type or form of the remedy (Western, Chinese, liquid, etc). The chart is 8 pages in length and it is recommended that you set your printer to landscape format. The chart is offered here in Microsoft Word and Adobe Formats: [Click Here for MS Word] [Click Here for Adobe PDF] 







 Chinese Herbal Medicine

Amana Essentials offers an extensive selection of herbal products. Our highly trained herbalists, Tom & Chris may prescibe a personal formula for you after an Herbal Consultation.








Herbal Hot/Cold Body Wraps

Created to relieve muscle tension and reduce pain, these flax seed filled wraps may be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.




Evelin has her own line of top quality Aromatherapy Products which she imports from all over the world. Her collection includes over 100 Essential Oils, a large selection of carrier oils and lotions, a variety of diffusers,E and glass/plastic ware.


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